Midnight in an industrial area: eerie colors of the outskirts of St. Petersburg.

The cultural center of St. Petersburg is entirely surrounded by industrial zones, so-called “gray belt”. These places pollute the city and are a haven for marginalized groups. At the same time, every day thousands of people come here to work, passing by the gray melancholy. Everything changes by sunset. On the empty streets buildings and typical fences become a riot of colors. Textures and volumes reveal in a faint of lantern lights. Colorless sadness is replaced by joyful colors, hidden for the majority. Along with the palaces, the “gray belt” of St. Petersburg is important part of its history. Now it is rapidly disappearing, creating a space for new construction. Although there are many advantages of such decreasing, the disappearance of the industrial areas’ unique beauty is depressing. The project’s aim is to capture this beauty for people who will never be able to see it live.